A team of Designers, Engineers, and Residential & Commercial Contractors under one roof in The Florida Keys. (305) 735-4042
A team of Designers, Engineers, and Residential & Commercial Contractors under one roof in The Florida Keys. (305) 735-4042


Design Center employees are very attentive to your needs and always there with answers to your questions and doubts. When they are on a project they make sure to finish things right, in a timely manner, and cheaper than many other places here in the keys. They are all about making the customer happy and this is why I recommend Design Center to anyone who is looking to do anything to their house. Big or small, they do it all.

Claudia Amisaday Bacallao

Excellent service they are very customer oriented

John Woodson
City of Marathon Building Official

My husband and I have done three total gut renovations with Royal Crest and Design Center. They always do what they say they can do and usually at a lower price than other companies. The employees are all excellent and I enjoyed working one on one with them. Their workmanship is excellent and all my projects turned out beautifully and on time. Considering Hurricane Irma really threw a wrench in all construction work putting a stop to most; they continued working on my condo and finished it. I cannot say enough good things about them. I almost wish I had another project, LOL!

Marianne Ingram

I just moved to the Keys & the first day in my new home, our water pipes got clogged up, started flooding the entire bathroom! One of the worker’s was still working on my house, he immediately contacted the rest of the crew & within 10 minutes another showed up! They stayed late working on my property until about 7pm & didn’t leave until it was fixed! Thank you Design Center for your QUICK, great service!

Erin Elizabeth

“Service is not an action, it’s an attitude” with grace till they finish the race. Andrew George and Design Source Team go beyond your expectations. I highly recommend them to my clients and customers whom I care and respect. Lela A.

Lela Ashkarian-Taylor

Leslee Spade is what i recommend about design center! She is the most energetic and artist designer I’ve ever worked with. She helped us work on a project and totally took me out of my “comfort zone” box and helped me see my real dream house was completely possible. She showed me so many different avenues i hadn’t wven thought about! I went from completely nerve wrecked, to excited and eager! I cannot thank her enough for a level of professionalism all while dealing with my unending questions all hours of the day and night! I will never be able to thank her enough for making me believe anything was possible! I would highly recommend Leslee for any project big or small because her attention to detail and ability to ease your fears and with that the possibilities become endless!

Stephanie Morris Sye

Been following Leslee Spade’s design’s and drawing’s for some time now and must say she has the gift and ability to always impress

Gary Prentice

Les Spade is one of the best designers I follow on fb. I can’t wait for the day that she can design my house!

Whitney White